Laaptu New Hack May 2013

Posted by govind on 07:59 PM, 12-May-13 • Under: Guest Requests

Laaptu has added a new Quiz game. Here is a new trick for you. You can earn maximum with this trick. Please note that it is india's no.1 hacking website. So for more you have to visit daily. Step 1- "Quiz " click on all of the options of every question. You will earn for each write and also for wrong option. So use your back option of browser and click on every option. Step 2:- "fact and fart " click on fact option in every question to earn maximum. Step 3:- "guess game" the main thing is to save your time. Ok fill all the boxes once and submit it. Now use back" option and submitt again and again. Thats it! Step 4:- visit daily my website and if you want any trick than write a comment below!

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12 responses to "Laaptu New Hack May 2013"

alisa [11:58 PM, 18-May-13]

Laaptu is great site for me to recharge.

alisa [12:00 AM, 19-May-13]

Laaptu is great site for me to recharge.

bhdmkwn [10:36 AM, 09-Jun-13]

ya u r right...
but tell me
in i have earned 10rs. and claimed recharge.. how much time they will take?
yet not recharge done////
and if i compare with .... ultoo is very fast site... i love

govind [10:40 AM, 09-Jun-13]

ya my friend now ultoo is fast. They will surely give you recharge it may take 2-12 hours. Wait you will get recharge 100% sure. If you got this answer than reply for my satisfation. Thanks

yash [06:20 PM, 10-Jun-13]

We can get more balance

govind [06:32 PM, 10-Jun-13]

sure brother you can get more and more

annu [12:15 PM, 22-Jun-13]

plz send me trick for laaptu

Dilip kartik [10:52 PM, 25-Jun-13]

Hi, guys
latest trick
first of all recharge yr balance with laaptu then that day another recharge with any retailor.
Laaptu is refunded yr balance.

guddu khan [12:41 AM, 29-Jul-13]


rakesh [12:48 PM, 08-Aug-13]

accha wbsite hai

rajesh [03:58 PM, 28-Aug-13]

laaptu best site but skiping next quzz

Sodha pankaj [11:13 AM, 29-Aug-13]


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